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In some rare cases the activation of Logo Design Studio Pro may fail. If this should happen to you please follow the procedures below:  The most common reason is the Windows or Anti-Virus Firewall is blocking the activation connection.  * Pause or temporarily turn off your Windows Firewall. Se...
DOWNLOAD ESD VERSION OF LOGO DESIGN STUDIO PRO  Logo Design Studio Pro is available in a Disc and Download format.   If your computer does not have a CD-ROM Drive, then please download the following version of Logo Design Studio Pro ESD version from the link below: We have converted it to a Sh...
You can launch the font manager within Graphic Design Studio by clicking on the text tab at the top, select fonts, then click on Show Fonts. The shortcut will be Command + T
Latest update! Logo Design Studio Pro Version 1.7.3. Contains bug fixes, and font crashing issue has been resolved with this version. Download the latest version here for FREE [] Please be sure to uninstall previous version. Updated as of 3/01/2016
Please use the following URL to download PhotoTools 2 help manual.
The following link will download a PDF file with the applications help file.
This most likely means your security settings for Apple’s Gatekeeper are set only for Apple developed applications. To change this, open System Preferences on your Mac then:Go to Security & Privacy, the General tab. Click the lock at the bottom left of the window to make changes, then choose either ...
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