Windows Font Products - Installing Fonts to use in Other Applications
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 15 July 2009 03:34 PM
To access the fonts in other applications you must first install the fonts. 1500 Fonts, 3000 Fonts, and Font Pack 3 each comes with an Advanced Font Manager used to install, uninstall, and manage your fonts (Wedding Fonts installs directy into your System Font folder and should be available in other applications after installation). You should first install the Font Manager from the disc onto the computer. Once you have the Advanced Font Manager installed, you will still need to keep your font disc in the drive to have access to those fonts for installation. To open the Advanced Font Manager, go to the Start Menu and select Programs-> Summitsoft Advanced Font Manager-> Fontmgr.exe or double click on the Font Management icon on your desktop.

The fonts available on the disc (the font disc should still be in the drive) are located in the left window. Simply browse through these selections until you find one you want to work with. If for some reason you do not see the fonts in that window, click on the Browse button or tab and browse for the disc drive that the disc is located in. Once you find a font you would like to install, click on Install “NAME” Font. The font will then be installed and will be available in the font dropdown list in your other applications. Sometimes in order to view the newly installed font in other programs, you must reboot your computer.

Note: It is not recommended to have more than 500 fonts installed on your system at any time. Installing over 500 fonts can seriously degrade your system performance. Therefore, only install those fonts that you will be using.