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Getting Started
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Getting Started

Photo Tools 2 provides multiple images interface. You can open or create multiple images in different windows at the same time. To provide a simple composition for each image, you can paste in a different image or clip art, select an area from the image, or create a text as a layer.

Open an Image

To open a file, use the File > Open... (Ctrl+O) menu item to display the Open File dialog for you to select and open an image file. To open a previously opened file, choose from the files list in the File > Recent Files menu item.

Create a New Image

New Image gives you a blank canvas with size, resolution, and background color as specified.

1.Use the File > New (Ctrl+N) menu item to display the New dialog.

2.In the New Image dialog, choose and type in a name for the image.

3.The image size is preset as the previous selected size or the current clipboard image size. You can change the width and height, and select the unit in pixels, inches, or centimeters (cm).

4.Set the image resolution, which is usually used for printing. For example, you printer is 300 dpi (dots or pixels per inch) and you like to create a 3 inches x 3 inches print image. Enter 3 inches for width and height respectively and enter 300 pixels per inch for resolution. It will create an image with 900 x 900 pixels in size, which is going to be 3 inches x 3 inches when output to the printer.

5.Select background contents for the image to start with.

Import Image from Digital Camera or Scanner

Before importing an image from digital camera or scanner, make sure the driver and the software are properly installed. To check the driver availability and device readiness, use the File > Select Source menu item. If it is grayed out or if there is no entry on the list, then it is an indication that the driver is not properly installed and the device is not ready.

1.Use the File > Select Source... menu item to open the Select Source dialog.

2.Choose the device from which you want to import and click the Select button in the dialog to select the device.

3.Use the File > Acquire... menu item to connect to the camera or to the scanner. Make sure that the camera or the scanner is connected and turned on.

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