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Print Images
Posted by Alex D on 13 July 2016 04:21 PM

Print Images

Print Images

You can select an image and use the File > Print menu item to print the image. You may click the Setup button to choose the printer, paper size, and orientation (portrait or landscape) from available options. You may choose from various printing options. You can add header, which includes the date, file name, and page numbers, with your print; you can enter the number of copies you want. In addition, you can enter or select from available options in the Graphics tab:

Best Fit: The image will be resized and printed to best fit the paper size. The image width and height proportionality will be kept.

Stretch to page: The image will be resized and printed to fill the entire page. The image width and height proportionality may not be kept.

Margins: The image will be printed with the margins, in inches, entered. (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters)

Scale: The Scaling factor allows you to set the printed image size in relationship to the number of pixels. A typical monitor displays 96 pixels per inch. If the image size is 200 x 300 pixels on the screen, an X = 6 and Y = 2 scaling factor will generate a printout of 1200 x 600 dots on the paper. If your printer resolution is 600 dots per inch (dpi), it will print the image in 2 inch by 1 inch size. If you want to produce a similar size printed image as you see on the screen, it will require approximately X = 6 and Y = 6 as the X and Y scaling factors.

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