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Getting started
Posted by Alex D on 12 September 2016 01:47 PM

Once you have installed and registered Graphic Design Studio launch the application. Launch Graphic Design Studio and three screen or windows will come up. You will have your canvas with the tool bar, the edit inspector, and  your layers palette. If these do not come up, you can access them by clicking on Window at the top, and select these windows. 

The tools bar: 

Click on the Draw tab located on the right hand side. Then, you will be able to see all the shapes and linear tools to enter into your canvas. Simply click on your desire selection and enter it into your canvas. 

Text tool: 

The text tool is available within the tools bar or you can access it by clicking Text on the right hand where you found the Draw tab. There are two ways of changing your text. If you enter your text option from the tools bar, enter your text, then click on Text at the top and launch your font manager, select your font and double click to make the change. Or, select Text on the right and side next to Select, click on your canvas where you want your text (this can be moved if desired) then your fonts, typeface, font size, and color will be available for editing within the tool bar. 

Graphic tools: 

Simply click on the graphics tab on the right hand side, and select from the categories within. Click on your desire graphic and click 'Add to canvas' at the bottom. Double clicking on your graphic will also import into the canvas. Keep in mind that these colors within each object can be changed within the Edit Inspector. If you notice that any of the color options within the object is gradient you may need to make the change to a solid color before making the change. Refer to the manual on  how to make this change. 

Import an image to my canvas: 

Click on Import at the top of your canvas, select your image and click open. To make a perfect and even image size. Hold Shift and with your mouse click on any of the corner points to minimize or maximize your image to a perfect size. 

Export your graphic: 

Click on Export at the top of your canvas, name it and select your format. Your dpi starting point will be 72 which can be changed. Then, select your location and click export. 

With any specific questions you are welcome to interact with our support team by submitting a support ticket on our support page. Or you can refer to the software manual by clicking help within Graphic Design Studio then click on 'Graphic Design Studio Help'