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macOptimum crashed when trying to update prebinding; what is going on?
Posted by Alex D on 12 September 2016 01:53 PM

First of all, this could mean you don’t have read/write permission for the user running macOptimum. Change the user permissions from read only to read/write and you should then be able to run all the features of macOptimum. If this still does not work, it could be a problem with “sudoer” on your Mac. macOptimum cannot fix this, but you can do the following and it should get you back working:Reboot into single user mode (hold Command S while booting until it switches to text mode). Once it’s stopped at a prompt, type each of the following five commands in turn. Some of them will return immediately to the prompt without output but they are still working:/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -wu /
/bin/chmod 1775 /