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Activating Logo Design Studio Pro or Graphic Design Studio by Email
Posted by Alex D, Last modified by Alex D on 03 August 2017 02:22 PM
On occasion, there is an issue activating your copy of  Logo Design Studio Pro or Graphic Design Studio.  When this happens, you will one of two messages.

      Message 1:
          The License key you entered could not be validated.  Please recheck your key or your Internet connection and try Activation again.  If online activation still doesn’t work, try Email Activation below.

      Message 2:
          he License key you entered is invalid.

Resolution 1
You need  to perform an Email Activation.

     Email Activation is easy but available during regular business hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Central Standard Time. (-6 GMT), by following these steps.
  1. Enter your information including your License Key into the screen shown. Click 'Next'
            Email Activation - Step 1

      2. Click 'Activate' to try an automatic online activation
           Email Activation - step 2

     3. You may see a message similar to the one shown here.  Click 'OK' to the message box.
          Email Activation - Step 3

     4. Verify your License Key and click 'Next' again.
          Email Activation - Step 4

     5. Click on 'Email Activation'
          Email Activation - Step 5

     6. Select 'Email Activation' button and hen click 'Next'.
          Email Activation - Step 6

     7. Click 'Send Email'.  Your default email client will open up and automatically have the "Offline Activation.txt" file attached to this email. 
         The "To" is filled out for you.Click 'Send' on your email. Please wait for an Email Activation File back from Summitsoft.
          Email Activation - Step 7

         Once you receive this file, detach and save the file somewhere on your computer. You now have two options to finish your product activation.

     8. When you receive the email activation file from Summitsoft reopen the program to the following screen. Click 'Finish My Email Activation' on the screen above.
     9.  Either click 'Open the Activation File' and navigate to where you saved the file or copy the code from inside the file and click 'Paste Activation' from Clipboard.  With the code entered, click 'Activate' to finalize your Activation.
          Email Activation - Step 8

     10. Finally, click 'Finish My Email Activation'
          Email Activation - Step 10

     11. Congratulations!  Your product is now activated.