Activating MacTuneUp v7
Posted by Alex D, Last modified by Alex D on 04 September 2019 10:13 AM

If you are having problems with the macTuneUp v 7 registration, follow the steps below to get the version that the issue is fixed.

  1. Send an email to with the subject "Download Code".
  2. Type in your license key into the body of the email.
  3. You will receive a email with instructions and the download code necessary to validate the download of your product.
  4. If you don't receive an email within a few minutes, check your spam box.
  5. If you don't see any email submit a ticket.
  6. Follow the instructions of the email to download the product.
  7. If you need more instructions after you downloaded the software, click here.

Thank you,

Macware Team

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