Windows Logo Design - Exported Logo Is Small or Fuzzy
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 15 July 2009 03:15 PM
Some users have made the mistake of trying to open and use the thumbnail that is generated when they save their logo (File>Save; or, File>Save As...). When you save your logo, the program saves it in two formats: 1) a file with a .lds ending (this is your logo project that you can change or modify at a later time), and 2) a file with a .png ending (this is a thumbnail picture of your logo that is generated so you can view your logo projects in a preview browser window). These saved files are not meant to be used in anything but the program and will appear small and fuzzy looking if you try to increase the size.

Logo Design Studio and Logo Design Studio Pro will export your logo in high resolution, up to 300 dpi (which means, it will print just as nicely as it looks on screen).

How are you exporting your logo? Try exporting for high resolution printing. Go to File>Export Full Color Logo..., and then choose Print or Document, exporting as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG. When you get to the resize options window, make sure the Dpi is set to 300. Click Next, and then choose Browse to choose Desktop as your destination default location. Then hit Start Convert. You can now see your exported logo on your desktop. This exported logo should appear sharp.

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