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MacTuneUp - Hard Disk Not Appearing in Destination List
Posted by - NA - on 16 July 2009 10:00 AM
If your hard disk is not appearing on in the destination disk list this can be for several reasons:

1. The hard disk or partition was mounted after the application launch. In this case, click the rescan button to the right of the source disk list.

2. The hard disk name contains special (incompatible) characters. The solution would be to rename the hard disk (or partition) with Latin letters only (abc.), then click the "Rescan" button (to the right of the source disk list).

3. The hard disk has an unknown (incompatible) volume format. To ensure best compatibility (especially if you want to create a bootable backup), it is recommended to re-format the hard disk with the "Mac OS Extended" file system (using the "Disk Utility"). PLEASE NOTE: Most of the common external hard drives you can buy online or in retail are pre-formatted for PC systems, and therefore should be re-formatted to the "Mac OS Extended" format prior to using the drive...especially if you plan on creating bootable backups that will be saved to an external hard drive.

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