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Mac Font Products - Installing Fonts
Posted by - NA - on 16 July 2009 11:51 AM
We have included a Font Manager to manage the fonts included on the MacFonts disc. For advanced users you will need to use a more robust font manager such as Suitcase.

To install the fonts on Mac OS X follow these simple steps:

1. Once the CD is in the drive and on your desktop, launch the welcome window by double-clicking on the Macware Fonts CD icon.

2. Run the included FontManager by clicking on the icon on the left side (it says "click here to start").

3. This will launch the FontManager. Now you will see two windows. The left window shows you the Fonts on the MacFonts disc. The right Window shows you the Fonts that are already installed on your system.

4. From the left window, find a font that you would like to install and click on either the "Install Permanently" or "Activate Temporarily" buttons.

Install Permanently will keep the font installed even after a system restart.

Activate Temporarily will allow the font to be installed until the next system restart.

5. That's it! Depending on which button you click the font will either be installed into your applications permanently or temporarily.

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