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Mac Font Products - Using Suitcase to Manage Fonts
Posted by - NA - on 16 July 2009 11:54 AM
You can use Suitcase® or any other Font Manager to manage your fonts. Keep in mind that by design, Suitcase® handles fonts by keeping pointers to the fonts in a database for easy access. This means that when you add font(s) to Suitcase® from a CD-ROM it merely adds a "shortcut" to it's database for the location of the font(s) on the MacFonts CD-ROM, which means you will need to have the CD-ROM in the drive every time you want to add a font (or deactivate). If you prefer not to have the MacFonts CD-ROM in the CD drive at all times, follow these instructions below:

Steps 8 through 12 below are the most important.
1. Place the CD-ROM in the Drive.
2. Double-click on the CD-ROM icon on the Desktop.
3. Drag the entire folder called "Fonts" to your Desktop.
4. After the copying has completed, close the welcome screen from the CD-ROM.
5. Double-click on the "Fonts" folder on the Desktop that you just copied over.
6. Once this folder opens, Press the following key combinations to switch to List View "Apple + 2"
7. This should put all the fonts in list order sorted by Name. Click the Name header if it's not sorted by Name
8. Scroll down till you see a Folder called "Data"
9. You MUST DELETE this Folder by dragging it to the Trash and then Emptying the Trash.
10. If you do not do this folder deletion, you will have thousands of duplicate fonts in Suitcase.
11. Once this is completely deleted, rename the this folder from "Fonts" to "MacFonts"
12. Now drag this folder to a location on your hard drive that you want. Keep in mind you should choose a location, that you do not plan on changing as once you add the MacFonts folder to Suitcase®, it remembers your MacFonts folder location. Changing this location will affect your fonts.
13. Proceed to add fonts to Suitcase® as per Suitcase's instructions.

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