Windows Logo Design - Importing Into Logo Design Studio
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You can import your own objects, artwork and images into our logo products by choosing "Import Image" from the File menu and then browse through your system to locate what you want to import. After you choose an image to import and click Open, you then need to place your mouse cursor on your logo canvas. Left click your mouse button, and then continue to hold it down as you drag the box that appears to the desired size on your logo canvas. When you release your left mouse button, the imported image will now appear.

Alternative Solution: Drag & Drop Importing

In addition to allowing you to import bitmap (raster) and metafile (vector) graphics, Logo Design Studio also lets you drag and drop graphic images into your logo project. You can copy graphic images from your Windows desktop, My Computer, Windows Explorer, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (if the image displayed resides on your computer).

To drag and drop images, you will have to resize and arrange your program windows so that you can see both the window of the application you are dragging from and the Logo Design Studio canvas. If dragging from My Computer or Windows Explorer, you may also have to navigate to the graphic file you wish to drag.

Then, click on the file you wish to drag, hold down your left mouse button, and move your mouse to the Logo Design Studio canvas. When you release the mouse button, the graphic will appear on the logo canvas, and you can then manipulate it using any of the program's other features.

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