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Disc & Download Instructions
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Alex D on 09 February 2017 01:09 PM

If you purchased a retail box product but your computer does not have a disc drive, no worries!  Every retail box product by Summitsoft has a Disc & Download card inside.

On one side of the card are links to our Customer Support portal.

Disc & Download card front  Disc & Download card front

On the reverse side, is a label with a link for your product.

     1. Enter this link into a web browser and hit enter.

     2. Once the download is complete, open and run the installer.

     3.  Register your product.

     4.  If your product comes with a license key (a colored label on the disc sleeve), use this to license your software.

If you do not have a Disc & Download card inside your retail box, we would be happy to send you the download version to install the program. In order to receive the download version:

     1. Email with the SUBJECT LINE: Disc & Download

     2. Include in your email:

        -The name of the product you purchased

        -The UPC code located on the bottom of the box

        -Where you purchased the program

        -The serial number or product key located on the disc sleeve (if the product includes one)

Once the email is verfied, you will receive the download link for your program.

Do keep in mind that for those applications that require a serial key, we have included a short URL within the box.